I got my first dog in  1980. It was a German shepherd female called Biba. We learned a lot together. With the help of books about training, I taught her all obedience exercises. In 1989 I got another pedigree German shepherd male, Lux II. Golobov. We attended  exhibitions and trained obedience,  track and attack exercisess. We achieved SchH II. After mating Lux with bitch I got a German shepherd female, Nella Golobova. We reached the higest level in training dogs - SchH III. We also used to join working dog competitions.

After that I wanted something diffrent, new, a special dog with unique character. I liked Siberian husky not only for its eppearance but also for its character. I bought myself a bitch - Dadra Ojimi - Dedra. She represented the beginning of a new way in training and breeding dogs. I taught her obedience.  I had two other female for shows and breeding. They both have the higest exam in obedience. I and my huskies showed what it can be achived if only you work hard enough have  she will and knowledge.


The aim of our breeding are healty, guidable, exhibitional-show and family dogs. We mate our females  with strong selected males who achieve  best results on shows, have good pedigree and the right character. All our  females have top body grade and exam in obedience. We also train siberians huskies and other breeds. More about me and my work with dogs:


I`m International judge for Siberian husky, Alaskam Malamute and Samoyed.